Each breed of dog has certain characteristics that stick with its genes. Every breed at one point or another has been bred for a certain purpose. After a long lineage these purposes become instincts within each breed’s bloodline. Pomskies are a mix between two incredible breeds, the Pomeranian and a Husky.

Pomskies are known for their perky, spunky, and energetic personality as well as loyalty, trust, strength, communication via their exotic body language and vocals, and more. They are fun, intelligent, able to join you on long adventures such as vigorous hikes and also, at the same time support you at home. Being a faithful friend and companion when and where you need them.

What Pomskies Are Really Made Of

Pomeranians (typically the father of Pomsky puppies) are known to sometimes be yappy, small and energetic with boasting and confident temperaments. Even though they are small in size, you’ll know from the jokes and small facts circulating the internet that they have big personalities that are bold. They tend to stand their ground. Especially when it comes to people they don’t like, or to the largest dog breeds. How would you like to know that Pomeranians were originally bred to be guard dogs, weighing in at around 30lbs, herding livestock and even helping with tough labor? That explains their big personality, doesn’t it?

Huskies (typically the mother of Pomsky puppies) are known to have almost humanlike personalities, playful and vocal. They are super intelligent and are able to communicate with people in a way unlike any other dog breed! Well, they too were bred with a purpose long ago. For various important reasons such as medical supplies, letters, etc. Huskies were bred to travel long distances at steady speeds, pulling much weight. Not only that, but they had to get along in a pack; communication among the dogs was extremely important. And communication with the person leading each lengthy, arduous trip. These trips were often dangerous, tricky, and under harsh circumstances.

These dogs had to be intelligent, trusting, faithful and strong. It would make sense now that our Huskies in our day and age are as communicative and cunning as they are. They thrive on human companionship, and pack environments, including not just dogs, but the pecking order of a regular family. Each person has an incredibly meaningful role in a family, and the Huskies are sure to pick up on that. They can defend children, follow orders, and understand deeper than any other dog. Huskies are known to be stubborn too. Well if you think about it, deep in their genes there is something wondering if you’re a worthy enough leader to trust and follow. Makes you wonder why they test their owners in unique and cunning ways.

What Kind Of Personality Does A Pomsky Have?

Even though each dog is unique, no matter the breed, there are definitive characteristics each breed carries. It stems from a long bloodline of purposeful breeding.

Pomskies are incredibly fast learners. Deep down, they are eager to please their owners. Pomskies are less stubborn than your average Husky, however stubbornness still quietly resides within them. This stubbornness is looked down upon by many people but I have a different outlook on it. This stubbornness is really just the result of testing the trust and friendship between the dog and its owner. And once this trust and friendship is established, you will find no dog more loyal than the Pomsky. Pomskies are also playful and communicative with their owners. They are affectionate, outgoing, and intelligent, even displaying humor!

There’s something about the Husky that displays remarkable valor. It is shown in the unbreakable trust and a beautiful friendship. Huskies are absolutely the silliest, most human-like dogs I’ve ever met. I’m happy to see a glimpse of this in every Pomsky puppy I’ve raised.

Do Pomskies Get Aggressive?

When looking for a companion or a new furry family member, you certainly don’t want an aggressive dog. I don’t believe in bad dogs though, I believe in irresponsible owners. However, there are dog breeds who have an instinct that may resemble aggression due to the purpose of the breed, and for which it was originally bred for.

Pomskies are not aggressive, but they can be protective of the people and animals that they care about. I’ve met an aggressive Pomsky only once within 10 years of breeding. Unfortunately, this particular Pomsky was not taught manners from the day he arrived at his new home. Because his owner did not take initiative nor the responsibility of training and caring for this Pomsky, he did not trust his owner as a rightful “pack leader” and was clearly unhappy. In his home, he displayed aggression and remained in a state of nervousness and confusion.

No puppy is born aggressive. Pomskies are very intelligent creatures who long for deep friendships, and are eager to learn all sorts of things. They are protective of their family, silly, gentle, and loving. However, a neglected dog, no matter the breed, will do their best to protect and fend for themselves.

Do Pomskies Bark A Lot?

Some breeds of dogs bark a lot. If you’re someone who lives in a quiet neighborhood and doesn’t want too much noise, this might be your first question!

In this aspect, Pomskies are different. I’ve had plenty of Pomskies who were not vocal at all, and only barked occasionally as the average dog would. I’ve also had very vocal Pomskies. They talked all the time, howled and barked. If you’re someone who loves how expressive Huskies are, and are looking for something that best resembles that characteristic, or if you’re someone who avoids noise, just let us know. When puppies reach the age of 8-12 weeks, it is easy to spot the talkative and the quiet one!

When we find homes for our puppies, it is always imperative to examine the temperament and personalities of our puppies and their potential owners. We want the best match made here! Among many other characteristics, we help each unique new Pomsky parent find the most suitable Pomsky for their lifestyle and home atmosphere.

Can Pomsky Be Left Alone?

Are you someone who stays home most of the time and wants a companion? Or are you someone who works a lot and needs a trusting companion to wait for you at home without anxiety?

No matter who you are, the answer is yes. Pomskies can be left alone. Pomskies are very affectionate and intelligent, and most of the time they are just fine staying at home by themselves. As with a child, there are ways to introduce something new without traumatizing them. As long as your dog feels safe, and your dog’s needs are met (as far as exercise and mental stimulation) your dog should have no problem staying home alone.

As with any breed, it really depends on the length of time too. No dog, no matter the breed, should be left unattended for very long periods of time. Dogs have needs, physically and socially. If you come home and your dog soiled the carpet from not being able to hold their bladder any longer, or made a mess from anxiety or boredom, that would be considered negligence by the owner.

Are Pomskies Hard To Train?

Some dogs are more stubborn than others! Huskies are an excellent example of this. Although not all Huskies are stubborn, it is one of their famous characteristics. So, this is a very valid question.

Pomskies are NOT difficult to train! They are absolutely awesome. Not only are Pomskies super intelligent like their ancestor the Husky, but miraculously they’re not nearly as stubborn. It’s not the nature of Pomskies to display stubbornness, but rather to test your friendship and trust. But more than that, they are eager to learn! Those brains are constantly turning and learning. Training for manners and tricks are fun!

When training a Pomsky, or any dog for that matter, you want to always ensure training is a positive and fun experience. The more awesome training is for the dog, the easier and quicker they will learn!

Do Pomskies Have Separation Anxiety?

Separation anxiety plagues many dogs. It would make sense that someone would want to avoid a breed that tends to have separation anxiety.

To answer this question, I’ll have to say that dogs aren’t born anxious, mistrustful, worried and/or afraid. Separation anxiety doesn’t choose dogs either. Pomskies can have separation anxiety just like any dog. The first thing you can do is educate yourself on how to avoid separation anxiety in the first place. You can also help your dog come out of this state if you see the beginning stages.

Separation anxiety shows itself in many ways. If you’re someone who crates your dog before leaving the house to work, your dog may associate the kennel with you leaving. This may cause your dog to get anxious and unsettled before you even leave the house. It can also show itself as you reach for your car keys. There are many ways to help and/or avoid separation anxiety you can learn about. One thing that helps is to try to make those triggers good and positive experiences. Break up the pattern and show your dog that those things in and of themselves are not bad. And if you know your dog will be alone for some time, help them stay occupied by providing them with certain mental stimulating games or toys or outlets they can enjoy while you’re away.

Will My Pomsky Calm Down?

If you’re asking this question, I will assume one of two things. 1: Your Pomsky is showing anxious behavior or 2: Your Pomsky is very energetic… Too energetic.

The good thing is, you can try a couple of things for both problems. The answer is yes! If your Pomsky is too energetic, you want to find activities that will wear them out and give them peace. Every dog has different needs, and if your dog is really energetic, mental stimulation and physical exercise is one of those needs. If your dog is exhibiting signs of anxiety, the first thing you should do is wear them out.

Anxiety can stem from many things. However, most of the time anxiety is the result of unmet needs! If your dog cannot release pent-up energy, you’ll see anxiety. If your dog is anxious about other things, you want them to release that energy by giving them an outlet before you do anything else (as far as training or helping them get over a certain fear, etc.). It will allow them to think, and direct their trust towards you more clearly.) Not all Pomskies are extremely active, but sometimes they are. If you keep an active dog from doing anything at all, you’ll end up with the opposite of a calm or peaceful dog who might be just suffering from anxiety.

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