Pomsky Parents Retirement Program

Welcome Retirement Families!

We love our Pomsky puppies and their wonderful parents! As Pomsky breeders, our parent dogs are the one thing that make this awesome breed possible. Our dogs are absolutely treasured here, and we love each and every one with so much compassion, time and our utmost care. While to breed our dogs, they must be perfectly healthy, happy and beautiful. And as they serve us so well, we cannot breed them any longer than their age, or health allows. We usually retire our breeding dogs somewhere around 5 years of age, to ensure the breeding doesn’t wear on their bodies and doesn’t compromise their health or happiness. For this reason we’ve begun this retirement program!

Some of our parent dogs we keep here at our home to enjoy their retirement with our crew, our family and of course, some of their doggie best friends. Unfortunately it is not feasible for us to keep all of the retired parent dogs, because we would end up with too many dogs to care for, and none would receive the attention and care they deserve. So, for some of our dogs that either don’t make best friends with our pack, or would rather be in a smaller family, we search for a very loving, and attentive home that serves our dogs only the best. It is so, very important to us that our dogs are treated properly, and loved to the absolute limit!

How It Works

Here you’ll find photos of our dogs that are currently in our care! If you click on their photo, they will have a description of their personality, when they will be ready to retire, and some personal things about them. You can always call us if you’d like to chat and find out about which one may fit your family best too! If you are in love with a specific dog, you can hit “Apply” and we’ll reach out to you! You are welcome to meet the dog and get to know him/her as you inch closer to becoming a loving guardian of our most treasured parent dogs.

Once you’ve been approved… The dog loves you, and you love the dog, you’ll be first on the list to await their retirement date and finally take them home!

Please note, we take this very seriously! We do reserve the right to allow or not allow a certain dog to be placed in your home, if we feel it is not in the absolute best interest of our dogs.

Some things to expect will be an adoption fee, a visit to your home before the adoption, a contract for the sole purpose of ensuring health and safety for the wellbeing of our dogs, and occasional texts or calls to chat and make sure everything is going well! When you take one of our dearest dogs into your home, our trust is in your hands. We hope that our lovely dogs will be at their happiest in your home and under your care!

Available Retired Pomsky Parent

Sadie - Husky

Sadie - Husky

Tesla - Husky

Tesla - Husky

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