Tucker – Pomeranian

Meet our little man Tucker! Tucker has been our favorite little dude for a long time. His birthday is February 26th, 2017! We got him at a year and a half. He was originally supposed to fly to Tokyo to compete in the national championships. Because he was preparing to travel overseas, he had to jump through a number of hoops in order to make that flight. One of those “hoops” was age. To fly that far, he had to be 6 months old. After his breeder waited that long, the buyer had disappeared and no longer went forward with their pick of the litter. Fortunately for us, we got the opportunity to home him, and use his incredible genes to father our pups!

Tucker has been an outstanding father, and his very huge personality sure makes a presence here! We regret giving him up after all the memories we have with him, but he is getting older and would be much happier in a single family home, receiving all the attention he needs.

Tucker’s personality is a wild one! Or… it was. As a young man, his 6lbs body packed a punch! We would often see him bullying our other 45lbs+ dogs, chasing them across the yard. His tiny barks and enormous attitude has always made us laugh. He was always so much stronger than he looked! Now that he has aged and matured quite a bit, he sure is much better at making friends. Tucker still prefers to hang out with big dogs rather than small dogs. And he likes toys that seem too big for him… He still claims the largest bone in the yard and trots proudly with it to ensure all the big dogs see him! Tucker is such a little Viking man.

Tucker now enjoys being carried around like a princess, and hanging out with just about anyone. He has become quite snuggly! Tucker is also crate trained, and likes to sleep in his own private “cave.” Although Tucker is well behaved and enjoys anyone’s company, he isn’t perfectly potty trained. Here at our facility all the boys who are intact have an innate desire to “mark” places they deem their own. As in, “lift their leg”? As a result, all our studs get their own space with a doggie door always accessible. So, I would say Tucker is partially potty trained. He will need patience and love to understand. Before Tucker finds his new home, he will be neutered to significantly lower his desire to “mark” his territory.

NOTE: Pomeranians are known for dental issues. Having such a small mouth, it is common for those cramped teeth to begin decaying earlier than many other dog breeds. If you are interested in adopting Tucker, and giving him the happiest home ever… please make sure you are okay with and ready for dentist visits! Tucker has already undergone a few extractions and is missing some teeth. He eats mostly soft foods. (He still likes to chew on stuff though! Bones especially… I told you he was a Viking!)

If you’d like to meet Tucker and play with him to see if he might be the right fit for you, hit “Apply” and we will call you shortly!

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