Stella – Husky

Meet our dearest Stella! There is no doubt that Stella is one of the most gorgeous red huskies around, with kind eyes and a sweet personality to match. Stella will be five in January 2024. Her birthday is on January 30th, 2019. As she has been a wonderful momma to a total of five litters, it has come time to let this sweet girl retire. We are excited for her to live out the rest of her days being spoiled and loved on in a home where the queen of the house is the doggo of the house!

Stella sways between 45-50lbs, loves food, walkies, kids, and dogs. She has an old soul. You can see it in her sweet eyes. Stella is a snuggly dog who loves companionship, lying her head on your lap, and being part of the family. She is very, very sweet and prefers not to be left alone for most of the day. If Stella catches your eye here, I would hope your home would provide her with plenty of quality time indoors and outdoors. I hope Stella can join you on most of your outings!

Stella sure loves adventure. She is a quiet dog who does not howl or bark much. However, she would absolutely love to jog along side you on hikes and long walks. Although Stella isn’t constantly itching to conquer miles every day, she is a Husky. Huskies are known for their beauty, energy, and intelligence. So, Stella does need to exert some of her energy to prevent her from becoming anxious. It’s imperative to remember that when dogs are not provided with ways to output some of their energy, and are left bored… It is that anxiety that is ultimately the culprit for naughty behavior.

Stella would do well in a home as an only child. However, if you have a dog of your own we would love to have a play date to see how nicely they get along! Stella does well with other dogs, but sometimes she prefers to get all the attention to herself, so it is important that if she shared her new home, she would enjoy the company of your furry kid just as much.

NOTE: Stella has never met other animals like cats, birds or other small companions. If you have other animals like this, it may take some time and patience to see if Stella would be interested in befriending another species. If you have your heart set on this sweet girl, and this is the one thing stopping you… we are open to arranging a “meet and greet” before making your final decision!

If you’d like to meet Stella or find more information about her, just hit “apply” and we’ll call you shortly!

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