Roscoe – Pomsky

Our favorite and silliest Roscoe! This boy is a love muffin! Roscoe was born on June 20, 2021. He is going be only 2 years old this up coming June! You may be wondering why we decided to retire him so young.

The reason Roscoe is retiring so early because he has an underbite. An underbite is when a dog’s lower jaw extends further than it should. When inspecting a dog’s teeth when their jaw is closed, you’ll notice the lower teeth are set further forward than the top teeth. Many breeds such as Pugs, French Bull Dogs, Boxers, Shih Tzus and more have this characteristic. However, most of the time this is an unwanted trait, and unfortunately many Pomeranians carry this gene. Roscoe has wonderful markings and the sweetest personality ever. He was in our minds, the perfect dog to father our puppies. Unfortunately, it is not good practice to use parent dogs for breeding if they are not 100% perfect in their stature, health, etc.

Roscoe is a wonderful dog. He is so very, very smart! Roscoe is snuggly and very attentive to people. He is so wonderfully happy and healthy. Roscoe gets along with just about every dog he meets, and loves people and especially children. If you are interested in becoming Roscoe’s new guardian, you will find it easy to train him, love him, and allow him to meet anyone. He is such a perfect young man!

Roscoe is not potty trained. He sleeps in his own room with a doggie door for unlimited access outside, however we still find accidents in the morning. Roscoe is a VERY smart cookie though. We are 100% confident he will learn to use the bathroom outside very quickly with a tight schedule, and after being neutered.

Roscoe’s teeth do not bother him, nor cause discomfort. His face is nothing short of absolutely adorable, and his wagging tail will melt your heart! If you’d like to meet this sweet, sweet young man just hit “apply”! He is ready to find his forever human, and embark on all the coolest adventures! (P.S. This boy requires to be snuggled and to be absolutely spoiled…Obviously!)

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