Lola – Husky

Meet Lola! This sweet and goofy girl will be 5 years old and ready to retire on January 2nd, 2024. She is one of our most hilarious, mischievous, goofy and absolutely lovable girls we’ve ever had!

Lola is a very tall dog with a beautiful long body weighing around 45lbs. We here at Bowtie Pomsky like to call her our adorable “anime” or “model” dog. She is too cute, and her features almost resemble those of a wonderfully exaggerated comic dog. She has a gorgeous long, orange coat with a flowy tail that perfectly illustrates that cartoon sketch of the prettiest girl dog in the pack! Lola does well with brushing and bath time, just be prepared to get wet too!

Lola is as funny as she is mischievous, but of course, she can’t help it! You know that one kid who shows up to school with a clean outfit on and their hair done in pretty pigtails, and then when they come home after school their backpack is unzipped with papers slipping out, a missing sweatshirt, stains on their socks and one pig tail up, the other down? That’s Lola, but in a dog’s body. As incredibly stunning and clean and fluffy she is… She will absolutely and deliberately splash in a mud puddle if she gets the chance. And then, she’ll look back at you almost to say “what? You don’t want to splash too?” I would hope that whoever wishes to take Lola home would have lots of patience and overflowing love for Lola’s sillyness and unpredictable comedy and drama.

Lola gets along with just about all dogs, but she prefers males… Yeah she might be a little flirtatious. She is a big ol’ puppy at heart, and I say that with the utmost seriousness! She is very puppy-like, prancing around, doing tippy tappies and playing “chase!” So, that being said, your big dog might be a hit or miss for Lola! If you are interested in becoming a guardian for Lola and currently have a dog, we may want to arrange a playdate first. If Lola has a doggo companion, it would be great if he/she was playful too! Some dogs just aren’t much into playing with other dogs and would rather be left alone. It’s just a matter of Lola being a playful puppy who loves to run and play with her human and/or the doggos that she shares her life with.

Lola is very outgoing and friendly especially when it comes to people! She loves children and plays fetch, soccer and of course… chase! Lola is an active dog. Walking and hiking are among her favorite activities! I would highly recommend a family with an active lifestyle to become a guardian for Lola. If she doesn’t get enough attention and exercise, she will find a way to release some of her energy from boredom.

If you’d like to meet Lola or find out more about her, just hit “apply” and we’ll call you shortly!

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