Ella – Husky

Meet Ella!

Ella’s birthday is May 29th 2016. As you know, we usually retire our Momma dogs when they reach the age of 5 years, so you may wonder why Ella is still living with us at this age. Ella’s previous litter was born in December of 2021, when she was just over 5 years old. There’s nothing like Ella’s puppies, they’re always so gorgeous and unique! Because we didn’t want to push her too hard, we asked our vet about her health. After the vet approved, we received Ella’s last precious litter on February 15th, 2023. It’s true, Ella is retiring later than usual.

Currently, Ella is 6 years old, and she’ll be 7 in May of 2023. She is an absolute wonder of a dog! In my opinion, Ella is truly an old soul. She has a trail of emotion in her eyes. Although she can be stubborn at times, she is a dog that you could spend hours with in a park, talking to her. Ella is a very loyal girl, and an excellent companion.

With the weight of about 50 pounds, Ella is a large dog, and she is bigger than most of our other Huskies, making her a powerful dog. On a leash, she can pull you around easily. This is why we use a prong collar for walking, and the result is great. She pays more attention to the person, has a relaxed leash most of the time, and does not pull very hard if at all.

Ella loves adventuring! Hiking and long walks are among Ella’s favorite activities. She definitely has a nose that loves to stick to the ground. She can entertain herself for hours by following all the scents she discovers! I would hope that if you’re interested in adopting Ella, you would be a person with a love for adventure. She is the kind of dog that deserves to see new places, and explore the heights and depths of nature. This would be one of the most important things for Ella. A person with a small yard and not many adventures or walks wouldn’t be the right fit for Ella. She strives to be out and about with her people!

Ella does very well with small dogs, but has trouble getting along and making friends with other big dogs. She seems to be in search of a doggie companion, however she has a dominant personality which makes this difficult. A submissive and mellow demeanor would be best. If you are interested in Ella, and already own another large dog breed, it would be wise to have a play date where the dogs can meet first.

Ella loves to play fetch, and as I said before, she is an INCREDIBLE dog! Because of her dominant personality, however, I would recommend her new parents be experienced dog owners who could further her training and manners without becoming overwhelmed.

If you’d like to know more about Ella and meet her, hit “Apply” to send in an application! Our team will review it, and we’ll call you to discuss what you’re looking for and answer any questions. It is our goal to find a home for Ella that is right for her. We hope this home will meet her needs and give her the attention and love she deserves!

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