When you’re looking for the most suitable dog companion and furry family member to add to your household, you want to make sure you don’t bite off more than you can chew. When it comes to caring for animals, it’s always critical that you are fully prepared and can care for him/her before adopting him/her.

Pomskies are not high maintenance. According to many families who have previously bought a Pomsky puppy from us, we have not yet heard anyone give us feedback that implies they are high maintenance. Actually, it’s the opposite. Many of our puppy parents say they were surprised at how easy they are to care for. Training is fun, they’re well behaved indoors, and shedding is seasonal.

Of course, not all people are alike. Some folks can’t get around too much, so they have limited exercise options for their dog. When we interview you and help you find your perfect new addition, we always keep this in mind. More importantly than Pomsky colors and markings, is their temperament. So for folks who can’t exercise too much, we remove any high energy puppies from their list of options.

Are Pomsky High Maintenance

Are Pomskies Hard To Take Care Of?

Pomskies, like any other dog, require to be fed, exercised, played with, and groomed. There are dogs who are easy to care for, and some who are difficult to handle. The Belgian Malinois has so much energy, it takes no regular person to properly care for them. And French bull dogs have so many folds and wrinkles, it takes a patient person to wipe them down and examine their skin every day.

Pomskies are not difficult to take care of. They do have the same needs as any other dog, like attention, love, training and exercise. But, Pomskies do not have an extended or excessive need for anything else. Even their seasonal shedding is easy! Most dogs shed all the time, but Pomskies shed very minimally throughout the year, and blow their whole coat once a year. So you’ll really only deal with excessive amounts of hair for a short period of time while they shed it.

If you are worried that you might not have what it takes to care for a Pomsky, all you need to do is explain exactly what you’re looking for. If it is energy levels that are too much for you, we’ll help you find a more timid and reserved puppy. If it is grooming you’re worried about, we can help you find a puppy with a short coat instead of a long coat. This makes bathing and brushing easier for you. Pomskies come in different sizes, fur lengths and personalities.

What Are The Cons Of A Pomsky Dog?

Pomskies are unique and special, but also similar to many other dogs in many aspects. There are definitely some things about Pomskies that could be seen as cons, or just fun personality traits. This depends on where you live and what your lifestyle is like.

The first thing to note is that some Pomskies are vocal, just like the Huskies. I say some, because not all Pomskies are vocal. But, some of the vocal pups could be seen as a con, especially if you live in a quiet neighborhood or apartment. Another thing that might be seen as a con is how intelligent they are. Sometimes intelligence gets the best of us. Pomskies who are not exercised regularly or mentally stimulated will obviously show naughty behavior. With most other dog breeds, this naughty behavior might display itself in actions like digging in the trash, or chewing up some shoes. For intelligent Pomskies, their unacceptable behavior can show itself in the many ways they escape from a kennel or enclosure. They can learn and teach themselves how to do wacky things like climb ladders, or open gates all by themselves. They’ve even been caught redhanded before, letting other pets out of their enclosures (out of boredom) like hamsters or parrots.

As I said earlier though, some of these things might be cons for some people, but awesome characteristics for others. For example, most people who are interested in getting a Pomsky really want one because they love Huskies, and just want a smaller version. These types of people usually like vocal Pomskies, as it reminds them of Huskies’ fun and dramatic personalities! And for the intelligence part, they can be taught many tricks and commands, and even enjoy doing so.

Do Pomskies Have A Lot Of Health Issues?

Health issues are a tough pill to swallow for many dog owners unfortunately. For example many Pugs need reconstructive nose surgery to get a better oxygen flow. Pomeranians are known for their tiny mouths and cramped teeth which are prone to decaying if not properly brushed. And Great Danes sadly have a short life expectancy.

Pomskies are not prone to health problems, as far as we are aware. They are still an emerging breed. Sometimes, if you have a very small Pomsky, or an F1b (a mix between a Pomsky mother and a Pomeranian father, resulting in a Pomsky who is 75% Pomeranian) you might encounter some dental issues similar to the Pomeranian. This is a rare case, as Huskies have a long snout and rarely have overcrowding in their mouths. Huskies experience issues with the eyes sometimes. There is a statistic that states almost 10% of Huskies are plagued with cataracts. This is a fogginess that appears over the lens in their eyes, harming their sight. However, we have not experienced this problem in any of our Huskies, nor in our Pomskies (puppy parents or pups). Checking up with your vet for a health exam every year is always a good idea. It’s one of the most responsible things a pet parent can do. You can always get ahead of the game and catch potential problems, or problems that have begun before it’s too late to fix it, or help avoid it.

Even though Pomskies are not prone to health issues as far as we know, all dogs have the potential to get sick or hurt randomly. Things like the type of exercise, or the type of food you feed your dog can all affect their health. Getting an annual health exam by a licensed vet is important and worth every dollar. We encourage everyone with any type of animal to invest in this effective way to ensure your pets’ health.

Are Pomskies Good For First Time Owners?

If you’re looking for your first dog, and the Pomsky catches your eye, you might wonder if it’s the right breed to start with. If you are an inexperienced dog lover who is ready to add a furry family member to your home, great job researching them first!

Pomskies are wonderful, and they make an excellent dog to start with. Pomskies are not too big, so you won’t be overwhelmed by their sheer size or power. They have big personalities and are very smart. However, they love to train and learn new things, which will make training easier and more enjoyable for you. They don’t need many baths, and don’t require hair cuts. Brushing is encouraged daily, however they only blow their coat once a year. So as a first-time dog owner, you won’t be overwhelmed with loads of dog hair every day.

Before getting any dog, you must prepare yourself mentally for what all dogs (no matter the breed) require. And that is:

  1. Daily walks
  2. Puppy training (like potty training).
  3. Basic commands training (sit, stay, come, leave it)
  4. Be ready for your dog to make mistakes. A puppy is like a child. A large part of their life is simply learning.
  5. Don’t leave them unattended for too long. No more all night outings, or all day plans without your dog being supervised by someone you trust, or accompanied with you. Dogs are like kids. You cannot leave them home alone for an unlimited amount of time, and you can’t expect more from them than they can handle. They cannot speak and tell you about their needs. You must be ready to learn how to read them, and know their needs so that you can properly care for them.

Does Pomsky Smell?

That wet dog smell, I think all seasoned dog owners are familiar with that odor! That dog smell is usually bacteria from getting dirty, or from the skin. And when this bacteria gets wet, the smelly dander moves from skin to air, and we can smell it even more prominently.

Pomskies do not have that dog smell. Their fur is very special and stems from their Husky parent.

Huskies are known to be very clean dogs. They enjoy being trouble makers and getting into all sorts of things, but they also like to keep a clean coat. Not only that but, Huskies have less dander than other dog breeds, and their fur is quite oily (especially if you feed your dog healthy oils, vitamins and minerals in their food that promote coat, skin, teeth and nail health.)

Do Pomskies Shed A Lot?

Pomskies’ coat is like their Husky parent, as I’ve said before. So, most questions about Pomsky’s grooming, shedding patterns, and requirements can be found by looking at and researching Huskies!

The answer is yes and no. No, because Pomskies (like Huskies) blow their coat only once a year, which means throughout the rest of the year they grow out their undercoat and shed very minimally. Yes, because when they blow their coat… they BLOW it! The entire undercoat will come out within a couple of weeks, or about a month if it’s transitioning slowly. This season is what you all see when viewing videos or photos online of Huskies getting groomed, and white clumps of fur floating around like snow.

Pomskies and Huskies have two coats. The fur you see at first glance is their top coat. It is usually long, straight, thick, and sometimes coarse, but most of the time pretty soft. If you were to blow on your Husky’s or Pomsky’s coat with a big breath, you wouldn’t see skin. You’ll see a white or light grey compact coat. It looks like a cotton ball stretched out. This compact undercoat feels very, very soft. It’s purpose is to keep the dogs warm in the winter, and keep their temperature regulated in the summer. This is also the coat that comes out annually! When it’s time to shed, it will come out in big ol’ clumps.

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