Pomskies are all around great dogs, as I’m sure you’ve heard already. That’s probably why you’re looking into them. When adding a new furry family member, you must always ask the question “is this dog going to bless my family or harm my family?” as some dogs are great in many aspects, and lack in a family friendly environment.

Pomskies are amazing family dogs. They are not too big or strong, they’re so smart, and absolutely love children. Even though all dogs have different personalities, likes and dislikes, the large majority of our Pomskies love kids, dogs and all other animals.

Not only are Pomskies great for families, but as we raise them and watch their first milestones here at our facility, we also introduce them to all sorts of things. Most of our caregivers have children who they bring to work, so puppies are socialized with kids right from the get go. We also have a standard practice of putting our hands in their food, tugging on their tail, touching their mouth, paws and ears to desensitize them to things young children might do. This helps them start out ahead of the game. If a toddler does something considered uncomfortable, we use this practice to make it even more unlikely for the dog to react harmfully.

Are Pomskies Well Behaved?

The last thing you want in your home, peaceful or loud, is an unruly dog who disturbs your peace, or makes your already loud home even louder. A bad behaving dog is tough to be around, and you want to make sure your new life partner is pleasant to have around.

Pomskies like all other dogs need to be trained, and brought up well to ensure positive behavior indoors and outdoors as full grown adults. Bad habits are difficult to break in adult dogs, so the puppy stage is very critical. The answer to this question would be as follows: Pomskies are teachable. Which they are! Pomskies are intelligent, and eager to learn.

At the end of the day, no matter what breed of dog you have, their behavior will reflect their owners’ work, patience, trust, consistency, love, and loyalty. Some dogs are less teachable than others, like Huskies who tend to be more on the stubborn side, but it is all the same. However behaved or misbehaved a persons dog is, isn’t the dog. It is their owner who decides whether they succeed or not.

Are Pomskies Good Around Kids?

Pomskies have a range of temperaments and personalities. Some are quite active, some mellow, some outgoing, others shy. Some Pomskies are social, while others are introverted. If you have a family with children, you’ll need the right dog who is kind, patient and most of all, safe to be around.

Pomskies love children. At least our Pomskies do! Of course at the beginning of their life here at our facility, they go through lots of new milestones and experiences. Something that is really significant to us is producing safe dogs that will not harm children. In spite of the fact that it is up to each family to raise their puppy well, we do our best to assist with this process. Our standard practice is to introduce puppies to what could be uncomfortable situations, right from the start. This includes putting our hands in their food during feeding, touching their ears, mouth, paws and tail. In addition, we allow all of our employees to bring their children to play with the puppies during shifts, almost daily.

When new puppy parents come to pick up their furry little family member, we walk through and discuss this together. We encourage each new Pomsky parent to continue these various practices. This is to ensure that if the dog were to ever be in one of these so-called “uncomfortable” situations, they would at the very least not react harmfully.

Are Pomskies Easy To Potty Train?

As someone who has raised many dogs, potty training works both ways. Sometimes it’s easy, and sometimes it takes longer. The main thing you want to look for is how teachable a dog is. You also want to look for how much time you have and are willing to give to make it through this relatively short process.

Puppies can only hold their bladder for so long. So when teaching your pup to go potty outside, you need to be ready for the fact that they may not be able to hold it for more than an hour to 2 hours at a time. You’ll need patience and time to teach them, because consistency is the biggest key, and it is on you. As far as Pomskies are concerned, they are very teachable and eager to learn as I’ve said many times before. It’s true!

Although every dog has its own personality and temperament, my experience with Pomskies definitely makes me say confidently, that Pomskies are amongst the easiest dogs to potty train, along with a few other medium sized and intelligent breeds.

Do Pomskies Like Baths?

Among the dog community, it is a well known fact, and inside joke, that baths are just awful. I mean, there are memes on all the forums of dogs in the bath tub with captions like “No! I’ve been a good boy!” and “That’s not stink, it’s just my protective dirt coating!”

This answer depends on the feelings of every individual dog. Some dogs love water, others hate it. Some dogs love the lake and despise baths! I would say that for our Pomskies, a large majority loves to play with water, and baths are not the most enjoyable, but they don’t mind it. This isn’t definitive though, as some of our puppies prefer to stay dry. Final answer: 50/50.

Something very important to note is to always introduce water to your new puppy gently. Making positive experiences during bath time will greatly increase the chances of your dog liking baths, instead of hating baths. Making water a pleasant experience can start with your bathtub, or simply playing around a kitty pool in the yard, throwing toys around and making water an enjoyable thing!

How Often Should You Bathe A Pomsky?

Every dog breed has a different coat and skin type. Each breed requires different care and needs.

Pomskies do not need bathing frequently. Once a month is plenty. Pomskies have oily coats, but not in a bad way. Because of their oily coat, they don’t experience dry skin and are less itchy. They also stay less dirty. You’ll notice after having a Pomsky for some time, that after they get dirty, their fur will appear clean again the very next day! Their oily coat also lessens that well known “dog smell.” If you bathe your Pomsky too much or with harsh soaps, you’ll notice dry skin, flaking, and your dog will be very itchy.

My Pomskies almost NEVER smell. It is amazing. I only give my Pomskies a bath once a month, and if they seem to need it. If they smell good, look good, and are not itching and showing signs of discomfort, they are good for another week! (Brushing daily is encouraged to avoid matting behind the ears and elbows.)

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