When adding a new furry family member to your home, you should know how big or small your puppy will grow up to be. You wouldn’t want a puppy who grows bigger than you can handle, or smaller than you wanted. Each sized dog has different needs, and each person looking for a new puppy usually has a certain size they are ready for.

The large majority of our Pomsky puppies grow up to be around 20lbs (give or take a little). However, Pomsky puppies can weigh less than 10lbs up to 40lbs. For this reason we break down Pomskies into their generations. Right when you thought Pomskies were complicated, they just got even more complicated. It’s easier to determine the size of puppies by first looking at their parents. And no, I don’t just mean their parents’ size, but their breed!

What I mean by that is that each generation has its own estimation of puppy sizes. If you breed a small dog with a large dog, you’ll get a puppy that grows up somewhere in the middle of those parents’ weight and size. However if you breed a medium-sized dog with a large dog, you’ll get something smaller than “large” and bigger than “medium.”

What Are The Different Sizes Of Pomsky?

To find out the different sizes of Pomskies you’ll need to find out what their parents are. The Pomsky size and weight depend on their parents’ weight and size. So, let’s jump into what the Pomsky generations are to determine how big each generation will be.

So, an F1 Pomsky (50% Husky and 50% Pomeranian) will be about 20lbs.

An F2 Pomsky (50% Husky and 50% Pomeranian) will also be around 20lbs.

An F1b Pomsky puppy with a Husky and a Pomsky as parents will be (75% Husky, 25% Pomeranian) about 35lbs.

And the other F1b pup with a Pomsky and Pomeranian as parents will be (25% Husky, 75% Pomeranian) about 10lbs.

The first generation Pomsky (also called F1) is expected to weigh around 20lbs. A first generation Pomsky has a Husky mother usually that weighs 45lbs, and a Pomeranian father standing around 6lbs. So, although there can be a runt in the litter, almost all of the puppies in this litter would grow up to be about 20lbs!

Second generation puppies (also called F2) grow up very similar, if not the same weight as both parents. The parents of second generation Pomsky puppies are both F1 Pomskies. That’s right, a first-generation Pomsky mom and dad. So if both Pomsky mom and dad weigh 20lbs, the puppies will also weigh about 20lbs. If your Pomsky parents are both 15lbs, their puppies will most likely be 15lbs too. Usually the ideal weight is around 20lbs, so almost all of our Pomsky parents are 20lbs.

The third type of generation is called F1b. If F1 stands for first generation, what does the b stand for? The b in F1b stands for “back cross”. So in words, F1b means first generation back cross, implying that you are creating a new (hence “first”) generation, mixing a cross breed with one of the breeds used already. For example, if you cross a Labrador and a Poodle, you get a first generation (F1) Labradoodle. Now if you take a Labradoodle and “back cross” it, that would mean you’d breed the Labradoodle with a Labrador OR Poodle. In the case of the offspring, they would be F1b. So, F1b Pomskies are either really small (around 10lbs) or really big (around 35lbs). You can get a small F1b Pomsky by picking a puppy from a litter with a Pomsky mother and a Pomeranian father. You can also get a big F1b Pomsky by using a Husky mother and a Pomsky father.

Can A Pomsky Be As Big As A Husky?

If you want a Pomsky, most likely it is because you want a “Husky like” dog in a smaller size. It would be quite upsetting if you got a Pomsky and it grew up to look like, sound like, and even be the same size as a full grown Husky. You’d probably say to yourself “well, why didn’t I just save some money and buy a Husky in the first place?”

The answer is no. Your Pomsky will not be as big as a Husky, because half of what makes a Pomsky is a Pomeranian. And Pomeranians are very small lapdogs, weighing about 5-8lbs.

If you mix any two breeds together, the resulting offspring will always be the middle weight of whatever two dogs you’ve bred together. If you cross a 50lbs dog with a 10lbs dog, your result will be in the middle. About 30lbs. If you breed a 20lbs dog with a 10lbs dog, you’ll probably get something between 20 and 10, which would be a 15lbs dog.

How Big Is a Pomsky Compared to a Husky?

When looking for a Pomsky, most likely you love Huskies. Although Huskies are beautiful and amazing breeds, many Husky lovers cannot handle the size, and energy a Husky has. They are unable to meet the needs a Husky requires.

Compared to a Husky, Pomskies are about half the size a Husky is! Of course, keeping the different generations in mind, their weight can sway up or down. But, the most popular Pomsky is the F1 and F2, both of which usually grow up to be about 20lbs.

We very rarely breed our Husky moms to our Pomsky dads, creating a large F1b Pomsky puppy. However, when we do, we make sure our new puppy parents are aware of it, and are looking for exactly that. The larger side of F1b Pomskies usually weigh about 35lbs, sometimes bigger because they are 75% Husky, and 25% Pomeranian.

Is A Pomsky Bigger Than A Pomeranian?

Since Pomskies are a mix between Huskies and Pomeranians, you’re probably looking for a bigger, more active dog that resembles a Pomeranian. Their snuggly personality and fluffyness included!

A Pomsky is indeed bigger than a Pomeranian. A Pomeranian is a small lap dog weighing usually around 6lbs, and a Husky is a much bigger dog which usually weighs around 40lbs. So if you cross these two breeds, it’s near impossible to get a Pomsky puppy that grows up to be only 6lbs. It would have to be somewhere between 6lbs and 40lbs. Usually this happy medium is about 20lbs, give or take.

The first thing you should do when determining and estimating a puppy’s size is to look at its parents. If the parents both weigh 20lbs, you can be sure your puppy will grow up very close to that weight! It does get a bit more complicated with Pomskies because the parents are not the same size as each other, but there is always still that happy medium.

Do Pomskies Act Like Huskies?

When looking for a Pomsky, I’m sure you imagine a smaller version of a Husky with the same amount of sass. Well, you would be mostly correct.

Pomsky puppies, like any other dog breed, have personality traits that get passed down from parents to fur kids. However, all Pomsky puppies, like any other dog breed, have unique personalities that vary from puppy to puppy, even if they are from the same litter. So, do Pomskies act like Huskies? Yes… and no.

The cross between a Husky and a Pomeranian results in a medium-sized dog carrying BOTH Pomeranian and Husky traits! That’s what makes them so awesome and so perfect! Pomskies are intelligent, active, outgoing, trouble makers, agile, and talkative like Huskies. Pomskies are also cuddly, affectionate, act like lap dogs, eager to learn and please their owners just like Pomeranians. Imagine a smaller, less stubborn and more snuggly Husky. That would be the Pomsky! Imagine a more active and dramatic Pomeranian who you could enjoy longer walks with. That would be a Pomsky! Pomskies have most of all the traits I’ve listed, but of course, more random because life is fun! And, every creature at the end of the day, is unique and special in their own way!

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