When you’re looking for the perfect, medium sized dog, who is fluffy and smart and has so much personality, you’re probably assuming that the dog will be snuggly too! I mean, how can such a cutie not be? You would be mostly correct! Every puppy in the whole world has its own unique personality, and some puppies are more snuggly than others.

Almost all Pomskies are indeed snuggly, and love to cuddle. There are only a few pups we get each year, that spend their first 8 weeks with us, that are more independent and prefer to roam around, following their nose and don’t like tight spaces like people’s arms. However, the large majority of all our Pomskies love to snuggle, in fact they prefer it instead of playing with siblings, or paying attention to their walks! Sometimes cuddling up in your lap, or being carried during a walk is all they beg for!

If having a more independent puppy or a more snuggly puppy is important to you, we can help! As the puppies grow in our care, we can see them hitting new milestones every day. We also see the puppies’ personalities opening up and blooming. This makes it is easy for us to decipher which puppies are more snuggly than others, and which puppies would rather have an adventure buddy over a snuggle buddy. So, have no doubts. We will absolutely help match you with the perfect puppy you are searching for!

Are Pomskies Affectionate?

Pomskies are made up of two significantly different dog breeds. A Husky is vastly different compared to a Pomeranian, so it is completely valid to wonder how those traits mix. It is also valid to wonder if the resulting puppy will have those same stereotypical personality traits that everyone knows Pomeranians and Huskies have.

Pomskies are affectionate! They aim to please their humans so much so, that they make training, cuddling and “working” together so much fun! Pomskies are truly a man’s best friend.

Huskies are extremely smart. They can “connect the dots” better than almost any other dog breed. However, Huskies are known to be so smart, that they can be stubborn and choosy. Huskies are also full of personality, they have facial expressions and even talk back to their owners. You can almost always tell what a Husky is thinking. When speaking of Pomeranians, people think of the cuddliest and laziest lap dog, a “puppy princess” if you will. So, the resulting Pomsky from a Husky and Pomeranian mix, is both and neither, in the best way. They are just as smart as Huskies, and just as cuddly as Pomeranians. Pomskies use their smarts to connect to their human, and their loving and cuddly personality to be less stubborn. This results in the most affectionate and passionate learner, who receives and gives joy during any adventure. If it’s walking, training, or just connecting while cuddling, Pomskies are affectionate.

Are Pomskies Clingy?

Clinginess can be positive or negative. For a dog to be clingy, it would mean the dog does not like to be far away from a specific person, usually their owner. In some way’s this is a good thing, because it shows an unbreakable bond and love for their special person. Other times, for a dog to be clingy isn’t ideal… It encourages anxiety and no boundaries, since the owner should always be the “pack leader.”

Clingy behavior is usually a learned behavior, and any dog under the right circumstances can become clingy. It is not fair to say that “Pomskies are clingy.” but it is also wrong to say “Pomskies are not clingy.” Pomskies like any other dog can be clingy! When experiencing clingy behavior, you must ask yourself, is this a positive or negative thing? Pomskies are very affectionate and cuddly as we discussed before, so if you define “clingy” as affectionate and very snuggly, maybe that’s just the right amount. However if your dog is visibly clingy, as in “separation anxiety”, that is definitely a negative.

If your dog is too clingy, one of two things is probably going on:

1. Your dog doesn’t respect you as a pack leader.

2. Your dog feels unsafe apart from you.

If your dog does not consider you as a “pack leader” then your dog will not only be clingy and not respect your personal space, but you’ll also experience your dog disobeying you, like doing naughty things. An example of this: Getting into the trash, and not responding to you when you try to stop them with your voice. If you say “no!” and your dog doesn’t acknowledge that, even when they know what that means, this may be a clear indication that your dog doesn’t see you as the leader of your family, earning respect. If your dog knows certain commands, and refuses to listen, this is huge. Disobedience from your dog will show you where that clinginess is coming from. This should definitely be fixed, as this could lead to dangerous situations for yourself, your family, other people or even the dog itself. Having your dog’s respect runs deeper than just being bossy and dominant. It is for the dog’s well-being and safety! What if your dog ran towards the street and did not acknowledge your commands to “come back”?

If your dog doesn’t feel safe or comfortable without you, you can see anxiety-like behavior. This would be seen as “wide eyes” on the dog, bouncing around and looking at everything. Panting and pacing can also be indicators. A dog can become like this in many different ways. One of the ways is being separated from the mother too early. Another way is if you leave your dog unattended for too long, they will see you as abandoning them. They will become anxious every time they see you leave. This should be fixed! Anxiety can be annoying for humans, and more importantly physically and mentally dangerous and damaging for your dog.

Is A Pomsky A Lap Dog?

Lap dogs are usually small dogs who love to spend time on a person’s lap, and enjoy being held. Even though being a lap dog usually refers to a small dog, the term is used widely for any sized dog who absolutely loves snuggling by laying on top of you.

Pomskies are absolutely lap dogs, in the cuddling sense. Although many Pomskies are quite small, and can fit comfortably in your lap, some are bigger. But who doesn’t love lap dogs of all sizes?! Our Pomskies are mostly 20lbs. That being said, sometimes curling up in a doggie donut style in your lap, 20lbs can be a bit much to handle. However, for others it’s just perfect.

Because most of our Pomskies are very affectionate and cuddly, they would absolutely take your lap if they had the chance! Lots of our Pomskies grow up less than 20lbs too, so those puppers might be more comfortable in your lap. If you prefer bigger Pomskies though, just know that just because they might not be perfectly comfortable in your lap, doesn’t mean they won’t curl up next to you and lay their head in your lap instead!

Do Pomskies Bond To One Person?

Earlier, we discussed the fact that every dog is unique! So having a special bond is something really awesome to have, and sometimes exactly what a person is looking for when finding a Pomsky puppy.

Pomskies do indeed bond with one person, but they can also bond with multiple people. Because every dog is different, we see all sorts of unique personalities. Some of our Pomskies are a little bit timid. For those puppies, they usually form one or more strong bonds and are a little more reserved with others. However we also have puppies who are just social butterflies! With those puppies, it is absolutely and completely possible to form a strong bond. However, more than likely they will befriend just about anyone and at any time. You may not feel too special with these pups who are so outgoing. They greet everyone with a wagging tail and lots of kisses, but not to worry… These dogs also know who their owner is, and still have a wonderful bond with them.

If you yourself are looking for a Pomsky, and you are a bit reserved and want more of a reserved dog to bond with, all you have to do is tell us exactly what you need! We can narrow down a small circle of puppies to choose from, and describe their personalities to you in detail. This will help you find your perfect best friend. If you are the opposite, you feel very outgoing, and love to socialize with friends, you might be looking for more of an outgoing, social butterfly of a puppy. This kind of puppy would love to meet all your friends, and be down for any adventure you have in mind!

Will A Pomsky Protect You?

Pomskies are very loyal and have a deep well of love within them. Especially after a Pomsky and his/her owner have bonded and made a wonderful friendship.

In this case, there is a very high chance that a Pomsky will try his/her best to protect you. In spite of the fact that a Pomsky will try to protect you or even put himself in harm’s way to help his person, it does not mean that they are physically capable of overcoming certain obstacles. For example, my Pomsky Shila is SO protective of me. We went hiking together, and I decided to cross a small river, as it was pretty shallow. As I hopped from rock to rock, Shila started whining loudly and giving small, worried barks at me. She even started to tremble and try to follow me so she could “save” me. Of course, I told her to “sit” and “stay” as I made my way back. I gave her all my affection for being such a brave girl. So are Pomskies protective? Absolutely! But, let’s pretend an intruder broke into my house… I would bet Shila would bark and growl, and even jump at this person. However, she is only 18lbs! What damage could this sweet girl possibly cause? She certainly doesn’t have the bite force of a German Shepherd or Rottweiler. So in that sense, I don’t think her little barks and bites would deter anyone in thick clothing.

In conclusion, your Pomsky will bark and do his/her finest to protect you, as they are SO very loyal, caring, and loving. But, depending on the situation, I doubt that your search for a guard dog will be a Pomsky. To add to my story about Shila, if I were to drown, I don’t think her little body would be strong enough to pull me to shore.

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