Adoption Process

Our Pomsky puppy adoption process is very simple.

You must first submit our Adoption Application to see if you qualify for becoming one of our Adoptive Parents. (Go back to the homepage and click the “Apply To Adopt” button)

If you’re approved, you will receive an email with instructions on how to proceed, and a link to the Puppy Adoption Page if the puppies are ready to be adopted.

At this point you get to choose which puppy you would like to adopt, and you can do so immediately on our website. The first one to adopt a puppy and make a full payment will get that puppy. We can not “hold or guarantee” a puppy for you unless you make the full payment in advance.

For payment, you have several options. You can either pay the full amount up front in advance and secure the puppy you want before anyone else does, or simply pay a $500 Deposit and wait until the Adoption is open to everyone who has made that deposit, and then choose your puppy. We accept credit cards and bank wire transfers. All payments are refundable before the puppy has been picked up, however there is a cancellation fee of $200 for those who have paid the full amount. Once the puppy has been shipped or picked up, the sale is final and no refund is available.

Once the final payment has been made, we will arrange for shipping on your behalf, unless you are coming to pickup the puppy in person. We ship by airlines anywhere in the U.S. and several large cities in Canada. Shipping to other countries is available, and we highly suggest to check with us first what airport we can ship to closest to you. You are responsible for the shipping cost of $500 in the U.S. and Canada, and we will need to quote you to ship to other countries.

We do not allow anyone to come and see the puppies unless you have already adopted that puppy, made your full payment, and are ready to pick him/her up.

We have this rule not because we’re hiding something from you, rather because we are protecting our own family and the puppies. They are born and raised in our home, and there are many crazies out there who have made threats to us and the puppies.

Also, the puppies don’t have all their shots, therefore we can not risk their health exposing them this early. That’s why we make sure to take lots of pictures every other week to show the puppies’ growth, size and features in fine detail.

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