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Riley - Boy

1st Gen Pomsky

James - Boy

1st Gen Pomsky

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Submit our online screening application. It’s free to apply, and there’s no obligation to buy, but once you pre-approved, you’re ready to buy a pup from the next litter.

2. Choose Waiting List

You have two choices: Preferred and Backup Waiting Lists. Preferred gives you first choice of puppy, Backup gives you last choice after first choices have been made.

3. Pay Ownership Fee

Pay the full adoption fee upfront to be on Preferred Waiting List, or a refundable deposit to get on the Backup List and then the remaining amount if you want a puppy.

4. Bring Puppy Home

We nurture your puppy for 8 weeks after birth, and then you can unite. We can ship the puppy, or you can pick it up in person by flying or driving to Spokane, WA.

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What our loving puppy parents are saying…

Lesly C, Santee, CA - Grayson's Parent

leslycwebreadybowtiepomskyIt is difficult to find the words that describe my gratitude for Bowtie Pomsky. I searched for over a year to find a dedicated and loving Pomsky breeder where I could adopt my next baby. With other breeders I found, it was almost impossible. There were high non-refundable deposits and long waiting lists to even be considered for adoption.

I feel so lucky to have found Bowtie Pomsky on Facebook as I had almost given up! The online adoption process was very informative, simple, and safe. The waiting period to be considered as an adoptive parent was minimal.

Only after a short time, a new litter arrived and there was my baby Grayson! I was able to adopt quickly and seamlessly.  Communication was never an issue and I never felt my questions were not important. I feel so comfortable knowing I can contact them at any time and they are there for us. This is a breeder that truly love their puppies and want to be updated on their little life adventures. I was able to watch my baby growing up through pictures and I was updated on his progress anytime I needed it. My little guy is a healthy, happy, dream come true and I will forever be grateful to Bowtie Pomsky!

Linda M, Detroit, MI - Frankie's Parent
lindawebreadybowtiepomskyIt was a pleasure dealing with Bowtie Pomsky. I passed on a number of litters before deciding on our puppy. We were looking for aspect all marking for our puppy. It was worth the wait.

I was most pleased that I could call and speak with Vitaly by phone email him anytime. There was great communication.

I was only concerned about the transportation for the puppy. We live in Michigan and she was coming from Spokane, WA. We decided to go and pick her up and the experience went very well.

Meeting Kon at the airport to bring the puppy home and having him carefully go over all our questions and concerns was very comforting. We were so happy to meet him. Vitaly was wonderful through this entire process and we would recommend Bowtie Pomsky highly!!

Nina K, Seattle, WA - Kyle's Parent
ninakwebreadybowtiepomskyWe had a wonderful experience with Bowtie Pomsky! We could not be happier with their level of customer service and responsiveness to us throughout the adoption process.

They were responsive to all of our practical (and silly!) questions and went out of their way to let us get to know our adorable little puppy from afar. The updated pictures and personalized communications were very much appreciated!

It was difficult to make the decision to work with a breeder whom we did not have the opportunity to meet in person, but Vitaly and the Bowtie Pomsky team made us feel comfortable and assured that we were working with professional and caring people.

The biggest benefit was our own cute little Pomsky! Kyle is a love, and he has an amazing temperament that I did not expect from a puppy. Bowtie Pomsky did everything to make our transition into dog ownership smooth. Thank you!

Kathryn M, Seattle, WA - Bear's Parent
kathrynmwebreadybowtiepomskyWONDERFUL. Such great and responsive breeders!

I feel that they really care about their animals. They have clearly taken the time to train them from birth and are loving towards them because our little guy has been nothing but confident and loving from day 1!

I called Bowtie Pomsky over the phone. They answered right away, answered all my questions and were responsive within a few hours of each on my following emails. They always responded and never made me feel stupid about my questions no matter how random they were! Very kind and interested in what I had to say.

I was a little nervous when they told us that they normally don’t let owners pick up the dogs from their home/where they breed the dogs since I was told my other pet owners that that could be a sign the dogs were not taken care for properly. However, after speaking to them and understanding why and them taking the time to meet us in person and being so responsive to our questions, I was totally reassured that they do indeed really care about their animals, and it is only for their own safety and the safety of their animals that owners do not come to their home.

I think I appreciated how it was their family business and they worked as a family together to care for and give the puppies good homes. My family has a family business in West Seattle and it is so much more than just a business, it’s a family and supports the community which I feel they do the same.

Sunny S, Vancouver, B.C. - Bear's Parent
preetsunnywebreadybowtiepomsky10 out of 10! Very happy with the service and overall puppy adopting experience. Bowtie was very friendly and easy to work with and would definitely recommend them to all of my friends and family.

I really enjoyed all of the feedback and advice I was given. Being a first time puppy owner I had a lot of questions and all of them were answered. From simple questions about the adoption process through to how to transport, feed and train the puppy; Bowtie was very friendly and easy to work with.

The only fear I had was shipping the puppy over to Canada. Bowtie worked with me to arrange a pickup time that fit my schedule and provided all of the necessary paperwork and information.

I think the biggest benefit is familiarity with the breed. There are several Pomskies out there that may not actually be Pomsky. Working with a breeder who has a reputation for breeding puppies was very satisfying. In addition to having experience with the training and feeding of the breed. I really enjoyed the little things as well. Bi-weekly updates of our puppy from 0-8 weeks was a very thoughtful touch and allowed us to feel like we watched our puppy grow.

Sheila M, Brooklyn, NY - Charlie's Parent
sheilamwebreadybowtiepomskyI feel very lucky that I got the chance to adopt a puppy from such a caring and professional breeder. They made me feel comfortable every step of the way.

I was extremely pleased with how quickly they responded to my emails. I’ve never had a puppy before so I had many questions.

There are many scams online so, of course, I was skeptical at first, but seeing all the high quality photos and videos of the puppies really put me at ease.

I appreciate Bowtie Pomsky still being in constant contact with me. It lets me know that it wasn’t just a business transaction to them and that they really do care deeply for their puppies. I would definitely recommend filling out an application, your life can change for the better!

Ann C, Lander, WY - Chewy's Parent
anncwebreadybowtiepomskyGreat experience! Bowtie Pomsky took very good care of me and all my questions. They always returned my phone calls.

The amazing weekly pictures was what I really looked forward to. Was a little nervous of what my pup would look like. I talked to Kon a lot. It was a big investment, but I always answered my questions. I can still trust people.

Craig B, Lafayette, IN - Cooper's Parent
craigbwebreadybowtiepomskyBowtie Pomsky is simply amazing! They are by far the best of the best. Our family had such a great experience that we hope to adopt from this breeder again in the future.

The Bowtie Pomsky family is so professional in every aspect. My daughter wanted her Pomsky  puppy to have a couple of his toys with him to make for a happy flight home. They made that happen, no questions asked and they are so thoughtful that they included his toys in his photos posted on the website! Thank you again!

I’ll admit, in the beginning, the thought of adopting a puppy out of state made me nervous.

Once I found Bowtie Pomsky and spent a little time reviewing the website and going through the simple adoption process, I new right away, that not only was I in good hands but they made sure their pups were also.

Bowtie Pomsky and Cooper have made my daughters dream of having a wonderful puppy come true. Many years of happiness to come!

Felix B, Mayaguez, PR - Luna's Parent
felixrwebreadybowtiepomskyBowtie Pomsky is simply the most complete internet source for someone to learn about Pomskies. The site is kept fresh with new information added daily.

We are from Puerto Rico (Caribbean Island), and Bowtie was experienced in transportation to our area. They show concern for the well-being of their puppies. Our Pomsky landed at 1:30am local time and I was receiving texts informing me regarding her (Luna) arrival and asking about her well-being. That commitment is commendable.

Bowtie kept up with us by phone or internet constantly. I can say that the concerns I had were always answer promptly. Responses were always thorough as expected from professionals who know their craft well and have passion for what they do.

As many people, my working hours are long. Bowtie truly accommodated the transportation for a date and time I could pick up our dog that did not interfere with my work schedule.

You only need to start a contact with them to realize that you are dealing with classy professionals.

Diane R, Savannah, GA - Bailey's Parent

dianerwebreadybowtiepomskyThey have the most beautiful puppies,  I’ve searched every breeder online and Bowtie Pomsky have the best Facebook page with the most information.

They answered all my questions I had about the breed.

I was worried about the miles between me and Bowtie Pomsky, yet they found the best airline to use, and she was well taken care for.

I love the beautiful pictures and video that are taken through their development, I fell in love with Bailey just looking that her pictures and videos. They are so helpful with all your questions.

Brenda F, Hackensack, NJ - Jax's Parent
brendafwebreadybowtiepomskyI heard so many horror stories about breeders, so initiating that first contact with a potential breeder was nerve-racking. After months of researching a number of breeders with VERY disappointing results, I almost gave up. The unanswered calls and emails were dispiriting. I even made a payment to a “breeder” for a live webcam view of a puppy. After the payment was made, I never heard from them again.

Then I came across Bowtie Pomsky. Their website was very informative, beautifully done, and it was clear that they genuinely cared for the puppies and their adult dogs. Being able to view photos and videos of the puppies interacting with their siblings brought me hope.

I was nervous about the entire process and skeptical because of my past experiences. There is so much uncertainty to worry about. Is this a scam? Am I really getting the puppy I want?

From the very first of many, many emails, Bowtie Pomsky made me feel very comfortable. I felt we established a positive connection instantaneously. Similar to how I was searching for a responsible and reputable breeder, Bowtie Pomsky was ensuring they were getting responsible and loving parents for their puppies. Not only do they have an application process to asses potential parents, they also have you sign a contract once both parties have agreed to the adoption.

As a first-time puppy mom, I had numerous questions. I was encouraged to contact them with any questions or concerns. Bowtie Pomsky answered every single question (there were many) within minutes! I value the time they spent to ensure I knew what to expect and what I needed to be prepared for Jax’s arrival.

One of my main concerns was the flight from across the country my little Jax would have to take. Bowtie Pomsky ensured the shortest flight was scheduled and eased my worries. Jax, my little fluff ball, arrived happy and healthy, along with all documentation confirming his vet care.

Since Jax joined our family, Bowtie Pomsky has kept in touch with us, proving once again that this was not just a business transaction where the relationship was over once it was done.

I would wholeheartedly, without a doubt, recommend Bowtie Pomsky to anyone who is looking for smart, beautiful, healthy and well cared for puppies. I am tempted to get another!!! If I do, Bowtie Pomsky would be my choice without thinking twice.

Thank you, Bowtie Pomsky, for Jax! He is the best thing that’s happened to my family!

I couldn’t be more in love.

Natasha L, Vancouver, B.C. - Poro’s Parent
natashalwebreadybowtiepomskyBoth, my significant other and I feel that Bowtie Pomsky has done everything they can to make our adoption possible. It was a very last minute decision for us, but they helped us out every step of the way.

We found with other breeders it was hard to get in contact with them and get answers fast. Bowtie Pomsky was always very prompt and kept in touch every step of the way – of course it helped we were in the same time zone, but we were never left in the dark.

This was not our first adoption so we weren’t too afraid of anything. Bowtie Pomsky was always available to clarify any questions we had so it made the whole adoption process much easier.

We appreciated the abundance of photos and videos of the puppies to see what they’re really like, since we weren’t able to go see the puppies ourselves. It also helped that Bowtie Pomsky provided us with personality descriptions for the puppies so we could see which puppy would get along best with our current dog.

Justin M, Salt Lake City, UT - Mocha's Parent
justinmwebreadybowtiepomskyI have a very good overall feeling of Bowtie Pomsky. They were great to work with and to keep in contact.

I experienced quick service and great communication. An outstanding benefit of working with Bowtie Pomsky is the friendliness of the people.

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Kon Shiva

Kon Shiva


I’m humbled by the opportunity to produce puppies which bring so much love and joy.

Tabby Shiva

Tabby Shiva

Dog Mommy & Caretaker

I enjoy watching the puppy personalities change as they grow. They’re so much fun!

Vitaly Vingert

Vitaly Vingert


I love to communicate and help fulfill your dream of owning a Pomsky puppy.

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