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Pomsky Parents Retirement Program!

NEW! We just launched a Pomsky Parents Retirement Program! We are looking for a very loving and attentive home for our treasured Pomsky mommies and daddies.
If you are interested in adopting and loving one of them for the rest of their lives, please click below to see more details about this program.

Our satisfied puppy parents recommend us

Since 2014 we have matched our cuddly Pomsky puppies with over 400 qualified puppy parents through our proprietary application process.

Here’s what our happy puppy parents are saying…

Lesly C, Grayson's Parents

Lesly C, Grayson's Parents

Santee, CA

I feel so lucky to have found Bowtie Pomsky on Facebook as I had almost given up! The online adoption process was very informative, simple, and safe. The waiting period to be considered as an adoptive parent was minimal.

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Linda M, Frankie's Parents

Linda M, Frankie's Parents

Detroit, MI

It was a pleasure dealing with Bowtie Pomsky. I passed on a number of litters before deciding on our puppy. We were looking for aspect all marking for our puppy. It was worth the wait.

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Nina K, Kyle's Parents

Nina K, Kyle's Parents

Seattle, WA

We had a wonderful experience with Bowtie Pomsky! We could not be happier with their level of customer service and responsiveness to us throughout the adoption process.

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How it works

1. Apply For Free

The first step to qualifying as an approved puppy parent for our Pomsky puppies is to fill out our application. After it has been screened, you will receive a call from us and have a phone interview. If approved, you will move onto the next step.

2. Choose Waiting List

Once approved through our application process, you will be placed on one of several waiting lists based on the temperament and kind of a puppy that best matches you, unless a puppy is already available. A deposit of $500 is required at this time.

3. Pay Ownership Fee

The Ownership Fee varies depending on the puppy you select, the availability and demand. It can vary from $2,000 up to $4,000. When the puppy is ready to be picked up, the balance will heed to be paid off and a pickup date will be scheduled.

4. Receive Your Puppy

When the puppy is ready to be picked up and the Ownership Fee has been paid, the pickup date will be scheduled. You will be send the instructions on what you need to bring and how the pickup process works. Congratulations! The day you take your puppy home is here!

Why Choose Us?

We are the #1 TEAM when it comes to Pomsky breeders. Why?! Because there’s no one that loves our dogs like we do, they are our family.

Not only are our parent dogs considered family, but they’re heckin’ SPOILED too. Breeders get a bad rap, and for good reason too. Many times dogs land in horrible situations, just to make a buck. But here, we take our dogs seriously and treat them with our utmost respect and overflowing love. Our dogs health and happiness take priority.

Among general, routine health check ups, we make sure the vet approves our dogs health, and wellbeing BEFORE we even consider breeding. It is a rule here, that if the vet says no, its a no! Now if and when our potential mommy is ready breed, we make sure the whole process is calm and comfortable. Unlike natural breeding, there is no discomfort in our breeding process. It’s expensive and requires a medical professional, “Artificial Insemination, quick and easy!” That’s how the doctor says it.

Communication is extremely important, people need to know absolutely everything! Otherwise, it may as well be a scam. So, we offer in person meet and greets to play with our puppies and help choose the right one for you But, if some folks happen to live too far away to do something like that, we will video chat with you, show you our puppies and get to know what kind of dog you’re looking for. We have caretakers here with the puppies 24/7, and we know a lot about the growing little personalities and temperaments of our pups. SO, we can help narrow down for the exact puppy that’s perfect for you!

Not only is there prompt communication before you get your puppy, but also we will be here for you AFTER you get your puppies. Questions and concerns about training, certain behaviors, health or just tips! We’re here for you.

Loving white beige Pomsky puppy

How It Works

White brown Pomsky puppy

Application Process

Applying for a Pomsky is super easy and very simple. We are thrilled that you were able to land on our website. We work hard to make sure everything is simple and only one or two clicks away to save you your time!

On our website you’ll find a button that says “Apply now” and that will immediately take you to our online application. It only takes a few minutes to fill out some important information about who you are, where you are located and what you’re looking for. Then, we will call you and talk to you about what kind of qualities you are looking for in a puppy, what kind of puppies we have, and what kind of process, timing and puppy would be perfect for you! We will also explain and go over costs, so there are no surprises at any point in any of our transactions.

We will ask you some questions about why you chose to go with a Pomsky puppy, where you have been exposed to this beautiful crossbreed, and what’s most important to you when choosing a puppy. We would like to know the reason you want a Pomsky Puppy because: we would like to learn little more about you. Often we get people reaching out because they are lonely or they have lost their family member, and want to start a new journey and experience the healing time with a new puppy. Sometimes it’s just to add yet another furry member to the family! And sometimes it is to have a service dog! Either way, it all matters and we want to relate to you and see how we can meet your needs in the best way possible.

We carefully file all our applications in categories, because some families want a puppy very soon and others want a puppy further in the future. This helps us to be more organized.

Choose A Puppy

Choosing a puppy isn’t always a very easy task! Of course you want the best puppy possible but, how do you make that decision and what if you make a mistake? That topic comes up all of the time, and some people experience fear and never move forward. Stepping into a new adventure with a new fur baby always changes family life forever, and YES, we want that to be the best possible experience. So, we will help you make this decision!

When we know what sized puppy you desire, how active you are, what kind of living space you have, your favorite hobbies, what size of a family you have (kids and pets) – then we can do our magic! Special puppy & family matchmaking adventure.

Why is this important? It’s simple: Can you imagine getting an elderly person a super charged, no limit, high energy dog? No way!!! Or getting a lazy dog for an adventurous family, who hike all of the time? We could not let that happen.

So, to make it easy for you … We will ask you a series of questions and learn about you and your family life. We will narrow down a smaller group of puppies that match your lifestyle, and what your family needs. We will send you videos and pictures of them, and even meet with you in person for a puppy playdate. If that is not an option, we’ll video chat with you and a group of puppies so you can be right there and see the different personalities, sizes, fur textures, etc.

We will take our time and show you what we have to offer, we will do a process of elimination and help you understand each option, and be 1000% confident that the puppy you ultimately choose is the only puppy that will be perfect for you and your family. Dogs are a long time commitment and we want you to be happy with the best possible choice for you! If you are happy – we are right there with you!!!

Brown Pomsky puppy
Black and white Pomsky puppies


If you have fear about making a deposit, or anything to do with giving your money away… we want you to know that your fear is real and it’s good to have that! We want you to ask all of the questions, and we want you to feel 100% confident before you give your money away! There’s just too many scams out there, so ask away. There is no money transaction until you know that you know that you are working with a real person and you are getting a real puppy with 0% doubt! It is our job to make sure you get there!

All our available puppies are on the website for everyone to see. When you have reached a point knowing which puppy you cannot live without, only then we require a deposit of $500. First-come-first-serve is the only way we are able to work, that’s being fair to everyone equally and fair to the puppies.

How do you make a payment? There are few options and we want you to go with the one you are most comfortable with. We take Check, Venmo, Apple Pay, Zelle or we are happy to send you a secured link to make a payment with a credit or debit card. As soon as the deposit is made for your desired Pomsky Puppy, we mark that puppy as “ADOPTED” on our website. This makes the puppy unavailable to everyone else! The rest of the payment is due before you pick up the puppy or before your puppy gets on the flight to your closest airport! Super easy and fast.

Receive Your Puppy

Your Pomsky is only able to go home with you when he/she is 8 weeks old. By this time your puppy will be fully dewormed, (deworming starts at 2 weeks of age and continues until he/she is 8 weeks.) At the end of the 8 weeks your puppy will get his/her first vaccine shot. Generally we like the puppy to be with us a full 24 hours after their first vaccine, before departing to their new home.

At that point, our favorite way to pick up is when customers come and meet us in person, visit for a while and take their puppy home! This gives us a chance to chat about what the puppy is used to as far as: food, routine, sleeping arrangements as well as potty training and patterns.

When customers are many miles away and not able to come pick up the puppy in person, we have two more options. Airway is one of them. We book a flight from Spokane, WA to your local airport. If the puppy is able to get on a direct flight from Spokane to your airport, the fee for that is $500 and needs to be paid for in advance before the flight. If for some reason there are no direct flights from Spokane to you, we have to book two flights – the fee for that is $750.

Most people are concerned about the safety of the puppy flying all alone! Well let me make that concern go away! Your puppy will not be treated as luggage! I promise you that. Your puppy will be located in the front of the plane right under the pilots. That section is airtight and has the same climate as the pilots do! Something tells me airlines kind of make sure that pilots are treated better than first class seat holders! Won’t you agree? We have been shipping puppies all over the United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and more. We have never had any issues, not one time has the puppy landed at a wrong Airport or wrong puppy has arrived than was expected… and we take tremendous pride in this. However, with this all said, we still purchase life insurance for each puppy we ship out. Lord forbid something did happen, we will still be covered by insurance and either you get your money back 100% or you can choose another puppy of your choice.

Last option is hiring a Puppy Nanny or hiring one of us to drop everything we are doing and personally deliver your puppy to you! Of course this will require an additional fee! There may be required a night in the hotel if there is no flight back on the same day which will add to that fee. But we are here to make your dream come true and we are willing to go many lengths to do that!

So, are you ready for step one? Click the Apply Now button!

Gray Pomsky puppy

How To Avoid Scams

Brown & White Pomsky puppy
Scams unfortunately happen much too often. People steal photo’s that don’t belong to them, and try “selling” the puppies in the photo. There’s many ways to confirm whether or not you’re dealing with a scam. Here’s a few:

  1. Meet In Person – See if you can come visit and meet the puppy in person. A scammer wouldn’t dare send an address that you can visit. If you’re not allowed to see the puppy before purchase…. RUN!
  2. At Least Video Chat – If you are physically unable to come see the puppies in person, either because of circumstance or maybe you just live too far away… Video chat! FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, anything! You want to have a real-time chat with a real person… and with a REAL puppy.
  3. Expect Updates – If you want to purchase a puppy before it’s old enough to go home, you should be able to see the Pomsky puppy grow up via photos and videos. Remember, it’s easy to steal one or two photos and attempt to scam someone. BUT, it would be much harder for a scammer have a ton of pictures AND videos showing the growth of individual puppies!
  4. Check Social Media Sites – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube even! If their page is inconsistent, and has little to no comments and/or likes, and they don’t respond via private message… That’s not a good sign. Having an active social media site with BOTH professional AND real life photos is something to look for!
  5. Check Out Their Prices – It’s easy to entice someone with a low price for an expensive breed. But, know this: Pomsky breeding, or any responsible breeding will spare no amount of money for vet bills and proper care. So, with the practice being so expensive, a cheap price may be a good red flag for you to notice! If you are however too curious to let it go, make sure to look back up to #1 and #2 of this list!
  6. Reviews Are Everything – Check reviews, on the website, on Google, anywhere you can. Make sure they are from real people.

What Comes With Your Purchase

When the puppy is ready to go to their new home and you arrive to pick it up, you will receive a goodie bag! This goodie bag is like a “starter kit” to having your brand new puppy.

In this goodie bag you’ll find a baggie of kibble that the puppy is stable with and eating at the time, we’ll also make sure you have a photo of the puppy food we use and we’ll let you know where you can buy it, and how much it costs. If you plan to transitioning to another brand of food (preferably by a Veterinarian’s suggestion) you can do so!

You’ll also find a sample bag of vitamins that we give our dogs and puppies, and encourage you to use as well. It comes with a couple brochures explaining the what, why and how just in case you want to continue with the vitamins and get your own supply. We also make sure to include a couple packets of Flora, which is a powder that hardens stool. Sometimes when pups travel long distances, or have anxiety from being in a new place with new faces, their tummy can get upset temporarily and can cause loose stool even when the puppy is 100% healthy. So JUST IN CASE, we make sure you have what you need, IF you need it.

A leash, harness and collar comes with the puppy too, as well as a blanket that smells familiar to the pups! The blanket helps with anxiety just in case your puppy needs a little something to feel at home with!

Last but not least, we make sure all our puppies are up to date on deworming and vaccines, so you will receive a health record with all of those things shown and dated, so you can show your own vet and be right on track. The last thing you’ll find in this goody bag is a health certificate, signed by our vet to make sure our puppies’ health is 100% (If you need a kennel, we’ll gladly provide one too!)

Last but not least, communication is a must! We will be here for you every step of the way, before AND after you get your new puppy if you need us!

Black Pomsky puppy

What You Should Know About Pomsky Sizes?

Pomsky Dog Size Chart
Pomskies come in all sorts of sizes. The reason for that is the breed Pomsky and made up of two other breeds: Husky and Pomeranian. And as you probably know, Huskies and Pomeranians are two VERY different sized breeds.

A Husky weighs on average 40-60 lbs and a Pomeranian weights roughly between 4-8 lbs.

As you can see, there’s a very big difference between 4 lbs and 60 lbs. Depending on how large the mother and father is, we can determine how large the resulting Pomsky puppy will grow up to be.

Our first generation Pomsky puppies usually grow up to be somewhere around 20 lbs-25 lbs. However, sometimes there’s a runt! And those little ones can be as small at 10-15 lbs! And other times, there’s a BIG BOY (as we like to call it) those can grow up to be a whopping 30-35 lbs!

It can be confusing, we know. However, we have been doing this a very long time. And thankfully for you, we can estimate puppy sizes quite easily.

So, if you’re interested in a specific size, we’ll help narrow down some options especially for you. Now, to understand what “generations” mean, read more about Pomsky sizes here!

When trying to figure out what exactly you are looking for when it comes to size, temperament and generations… leave that up to us!

We will ask a series of questions to figure out what you believe is the perfect dog for you, and we’ll narrow down a smaller group of pups to choose from.

Each group will include a description of their temperament, what their adult weight will be, and what the requirements are for each little one. We are wonderful match makers!

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